Saturday, November 19, 2016

The 83716 Era of Our Lives...

So A LOT has changed since my last post. We FINALLY finished the remodel. I intend to go back every once in a while and do a before and after post of the projects we completed to showcase the three year remodel adventure of our lives.

But, to keep up to date with the current events of our lives it would be important to tell you that the Young Family MOVED! Steve and I had been talking for several years about possibly relocating. While the Emerald Coast was a beautiful place to live and it will always hold a special piece of my heart we both knew it was not where we would stay. As I would watch my military friends move with their families I would get that itch that I thought I could manage to subsided, but never really did.

In December of 2015 we came out west to visit. We explored the Salt Lake area and the Boise area. I had heard so many great things already about Boise and after just spending a day there our minds were made up. We knew in our hearts it was where we needed to be. We returned to Florida, motivated more than ever to finish our remodel. After selling the house Steve said his goodbyes to Waltz Cabinet Company, and my goodbyes to Bluewater Elementary and we made the long journey to Boise at the end of June. We have LOVED every moment of it since we have been here.

While we miss our dear family back in Florida, having the time to grow relationships with the family out west has been priceless. My brother Shane and his family live in Star, about 40 minutes away. My sister Lindsy and her beautiful family live in Tri-Cities Washington, about 4 hours from here. Inge and her tribe live in Pocatello, a quick stop as we make our way into Blackfoot to visit Steven's mom and step-dad. Steven's brother Adam live in Idaho Falls, a short 10 minutes from Steve's dad. Making our way a little further past Idaho Falls, and we arrive at Heidi's home in Victor, ID. This doesn't even include the aunts, uncles, cousins, and Great Grandma Young that the kids are always so eager to see.

As the leaves are changing, the winter season approaches and the cold chill fills the air, we are excited for snow days filled with sledding and more gorgeous sunsets from our top of the ridge view.

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